Recovery happens daily


It took waking up in an alley behind West Hollywood’s Eleven at 4:15 am to make me go into the rooms.

It had been a tougher and tougher year; things got worse and worse with work and my boyfriend and finances. It seemed there was too little money to do anything but drink. 

Increments of aging our children

A small group of four of us went to the Broad Stage for the opening night of An Illiad. We went for the usual reason one goes to plays.  But, there was a bit more that night. 

The co-write/director was a friend, but her partner was the set director – but more, she was also someone we hand known since she wore diapers.

WeHo and the Rainbow Flag inseparable


"To ignore the gay history of WeHo is remaking what was the reality of the past. "

ASK THE ELDERS: Intergenerational Dialogue

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ASK THE ELDERS: An Afternoon of Intergenerational Dialogue