Animal PAC joins WeHo election pack

February 21, 2013

Animal PAC, an organization built to reward politicians who push animal welfare reforms has joined the pack of PACS in an election campaign that some have claimed has already gone to the dogs.

John Duran and Jeff Prang have received thousands of dollars in support from political action committees in this election cycle.

Social Compassion in Legislation for Animals, a political action committee formed and primarily funded by West Hollywood animal rights activist Ed Buck, has begun sending mailers in support of two candidates who helped last election’s challenger John D’Amico into office on the wings of The “Fur Free WeHo” movement, John Duran and Jeff Prang.

The organization notified WeHo News early this week that they had sent a mailer in support of the incumbents, with Ed Buck saying, “They have come through for animal rights, and we will come through for them.”

He said that the group has so far donated $6,400 to John Duran’s and Jeffrey Prang’s re-election campaigns, splitting the total half-and-half between them.

Mr. Buck as the driving force behind West Hollywood’s first-in-the-nation ban on fur apparel called “Fur Free WeHo.” The move marks a sea change over his attitudes of four years ago when he worked to unseat Mr. Duran, even printing and distributing a poster that caricatured the incumbent.

Jeffrey Prang has been a longtime animal rights advocate, having written a bill that banned the sale of animals in the city and drafting a local ordinance to better protect pets left in grooming facilities’ care. Later, state legislation based upon this ordinance was passed in the that Legislative session.

John Duran gave John D’Amico much help in his 2011 election campaign, appearing at the Fur Free WeHo event that kicked off a flurry of door-to-door activity that helped Mr. D’Amico to gain the most votes in his first election, handily beating three incumbents.

The PAC’s entry into the race makes a total of four that have been formed to pick a dog in this election fight – usually the incumbents or their interests, the No on C, or anti-term limits, campaign.

One other PAC, the West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce PAC, formed years ago, donated $5,000 to the Duran campaign.