WeHo’s Volunteen Awards

February 21, 2013

At the West Hollywood Volunteen Awards Ceremony at Plummer Park I was very excited watching our happy teenagers awarded for their volunteer work. Sixty of them were recognized including those youngest who performed only a couple of hours.

Photo by Josh Barash

But the concept of the desire to be helpful is for me as an immigrant and Outstanding Senior Volunteer in LA County in 2008 is the most important and satisfying quality for being a good citizen.

That is why I worked so hard to have this Center around us, seniors at Plummer Park.

Our City Hall authorities and members of Sheriff’s Department were really interested in that idea and because of that we see the amazing result. 

Their deep involvement is not only ideological—to improve our society, but also economical.

For four years WeHo Youth Scholarship Program encouraged donors to help students.

It was so moving to listen to some students who achieved such scholarship before. They expressed their gratitude for the help they have received.

I believe that our Teen Center is the best in our Country because love and devotion are the most important guide lights for our authorities. 

They always try to perform their work in most admirable way.