Russian Cultural Week coming

February 3, 2013

On tonight’s city council agenda, the council will consider authorizing staff to coordinate Russian Cultural Week that will include the Community Awards Presentation on Wednesday, May 15, 2013 at the Auto Court of the West Hollywood Library, and a number of Russian Cultural events during the week of May 13 through May 19, 2013.

Russian Cultural Week will culminate with a Russian Style Festival on Sunday, May 19, 2013, at Plummer Park in the City of West Hollywood.

The agenda item will authorize staff to solicit and receive sponsorships and donations to support Russian Cultural Week.

Additionally, it will approve the booth and exhibitor fees that vendors are charged for the event.

It will also authorize the Director of Finance and Technology Services to increase budgeted revenues by the amount of sponsorships, donations and vendor fees received.

In keeping with general city policy, the council will also waive all city fees, including building and safety permits (approximately $650), encroachment permits (approximately $100), the special event permit fee (approximately $2,640), and waive Plummer Park facility fees for the week of May 13 through May 19, 2013 for the events associated with Russian Cultural Week (approximately $3, 000).

As an annual weeklong event for members of the Los Angeles region's Russian speaking community, the Festival is free to the public and will include a day of entertainment, music, food vendors, Russian crafts and jewelry, and numerous local exhibitors.

This item is consistent with the Ongoing Strategic Programs of" Value and Encourage our Broad Diversity of Cultures" and "Enhance the Cultural and Creative Life of the Community".

Russian Cultural Week will encourage participating businesses as well as attendees to help raise awareness of medical and health resources for the community and promote education in environmental sustainability.

City staff will ensure that resources procured are environmentally friendly whenever possible.

Staff will evaluate the effectiveness of Russian Cultural Week by conducting a survey of the participants on the day of the Russian Style Festival.

Funding for Russian Cultural Week is allocated annually in the amount of 25,000, not including donations or sponsorships.

Fee waivers include:

Special Event Fee: $ 2, 740 (Special Event Permit – $2,400;

Encroachment permit for Vista St. – $ 100; 6 parking meters ($20 each) for Saturday and Sunday – $ 240)

Sheriff’s Department and Fire Department Personnel: approximately 3500

Building and Safety Electrical Permit issuance: approximately $50

Building and Safety Electrical Permit, (depending on the horse power of the generators used): approximately $400

Building and Safety (Tent) permit: approximately $200

Overnight Security Guard: approximately $400

Five story parking structure: approximately $ 1, 500

Plummer Park rooms fees: approximately $3,000

Booth fees: Food booth – cooking permitted – $350

Food booth – cooking not permitted – $275

Non-food sales booth – $ 200 (non-profit- $ 150)

Information booth, no sales permitted – $ 125 ( non- profit – $100)

Self-contained cart – $275