HAAS-TA LA VISTA: Creaking along

January 28, 2013

Those of us at a certain age still believe the mirror we look at every morning lies.

Werner Haas is a West Hollywood writer whose latest novel is named "Wasps."

I have always been one of those. I look at people I knew in college or younger days and cannot believe how some of them have aged so badly.

I have lived with the occasional creak or twinge and laughed it off.

Now what some gerontologists may see as the sure sign of aging has occurred.

Sometime after dinner last night, the pinkie and ring finger of my left hand refused to work.

No related pain to think it might have been a heart problem.

No numbness or lack of feeling or even a hint of slurred speech to indicate a mini-stroke.

So, there was- and is- simply a case of jangled nerves.

But, our medical establishment has been no help.

I called my doctor, only to learn that there were no doctors there on Fridays.

The nurse suggested if I was concerned I should go to their urgent care office, but that would not open till 11:30.

I decided my problem was annoying more than urgent.

So, the creaking of advanced age is now focusing on me.

Other than nerves, my only real complaint is difficulty in using all my fingers to type.

So, a shortened column is in order until further notice I’ll provide intermittent progress (or lack thereof) reports.

But don’t worry; I can still clench my fist.



Werner Haas is a West Hollywood writer whose latest novel is named "Wasps." Summary: Long Island is no longer a place for complacent suburbanites. It is now a festering ground for anti-social activity by bored or power-hungry teens.

The Wasps is a story of such a neo-Nazi gang made up of otherwise "ordinary" middle-class young people.

Get "Wasps" here.