Robber stabbed at House of Blues

November 19, 2012

An attempted robbery inside the House of Blues was foiled by what Sheriff’s Department officials are calling a “vigilante” this morning when the assailant stabbed the would-be robber.

Apparently a pair of robbers were beating man in the restroom with the intent to rob the man when another person cut one of the crooks with a sharp object.

LA Sheriff’s Department watch commander Lt. Haselrig said that, although investigators were unsure whether the “vigilante” wielded a knife or some other type of sharp object, the wound inflicted on the criminal was serious enough to hospitalize the man.

His partner on crime was arrested on the scene.

The victim of the robbery was said to have been “nursing bruises” inflicted on him in the incident.

The “vigilante” is being sought; authorities say the man may face charges of assault with a deadly weapon or even attempted murder.

The club continued its operations as though nothing had happened and investigators are going over witness statements and evidence.