WeHo Trolley will roll

November 28, 2011

All aboard! The WeHo Trolley is about to roll.

Last week the West Hollywood city council unanimously approved an “entertainment Shuttle,” or WeHo Trolley, that will give party-goers a way to cruise the Creative City from one parking spot.

Initiated by petition by former-West Hollywood city council candidate Lucas John in March, Mayor  John Duran introduced am exploratory bill to see how the city could cart residents, party-goers and tourists up and down Sunset and Santa Monica Boulevards.

The mayor envisions a shuttle that loop through Boystown and along the Sunset Strip.

He posited that such a trolley would reduce traffic and keep drunk driving to a minimum.

Council member John Heilman availed the council of his long institutional memory and pointed out that the city once provided exactly that type of service, but it failed to capture the public’s attention.

He said it was viewed as public transportation.

Hoping to forestall that eventuality, he suggested marketing the trolley as a “party bus.”

Mayor Duran suggested that partiers will respond. “If it’s fun and free, they might use it.”

City staff will return with a proposal after investigating options.