WeHo’s Cedars-Sinai Hospital, UCLA Medical Center among top 12 hospitals in nation

July 19, 2014

By Ryan Gierach, West Hollywood, Californian

According to US News & World Report’s annual rankings of health care centers, the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, for the first claimed the No. One Honor Roll spot, barely edging out Massachusetts General Hospital.

A major recent addition to Cedars-Sinai Hospital rests squarely inside WeHo, with vacant land available for further expansion within the city limits.

A major recent addition to Cedars-Sinai Hospital rests squarely inside WeHo, with vacant land available for further expansion within the city limits.

Johns Hopkins Hospital, which in 2012 lost a 21-year-long first-place reign, was No. Three.

UCLA Medical Center, Los Angeles placed fifth and LA/Beverly Hills/West Hollywood’s Cedars-Sinai Medical Center ranked 12th in a tie with UPMC-University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

The 2014-15 Honor Roll:

Rank Hospital Points* High-ranking specialties*
1 Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota 29 15
2 Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston 28 15
3 Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore 26 15
4 Cleveland Clinic 26 14
5 UCLA Medical Center, Los Angeles 23 15
6 New York-Presbyterian University Hospital of Columbia and Cornell, New York 22 12
7 Hospitals of the University of Pennsylvania-Penn Presbyterian, Philadelphia 19 11
8 UCSF Medical Center, San Francisco 17 10
9 Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston 15 10
10 Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago 13 10
11 University of Washington Medical Center, Seattle 12 9
12 (tie) Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles 11 8
12 (tie) UPMC-University of Pittsburgh Medical Center 11 8

Hospitals in 12 of the 16 specialties received 2 points per specialty for ranking in the top 10. They received 1 point for ranking in the next 10. In the other four specialties, hospitals received 2 points per specialty for ranking in the top five. They received 1 point for ranking in the next five.

The Taper Imaging Center at Cedars-Sinai Hospital

The Taper Imaging Center at Cedars-Sinai Hospital

Hospitals are ranked nationally in each of the 16 specialties. This year 144 different hospitals rank in at least one specialty. Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York, for example, ranks first in cancer.

The Cleveland Clinic tops the cardiology & heart surgery rankings. And the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York is No. 1 in orthopedics. Nationally ranked hospitals have the skill and experience to treat the most complex and demanding cases.

West Hollywood residents can count themselves among the fortunate, with two nationally recognized hospitals within a short ambulance or car ride. Only two other cities, New York and Boston, share that privilege.

Add to that last month’s US News & World Report’s ranking Hollywood’s Children’s Hospital Number Five in their annual June ranking in that category (see below), makes the LA-area a nexus for excellent health care.

The report, primarily a PR stunt both for the once-proud news weekly and a plaque to hang on a few dozen hospital walls, has slightly changed focus this year away from an emphasis on reputation toward a ranking on patient safety. Only a five percent shift in importance, but a recognition that patient safety is an issue of concern to people using the resource to “shop” hospitals.

Plans for an expansion on Cedars-Sinai's west side.

Plans for an expansion on Cedars-Sinai’s west side.

Just a few weeks ago the “Business Times reported that sepsis and related hospital-acquired infections cost tens of thousands of deaths annually, and create $30 billion in unnecessary health care costs,” and that  the real depth of the problem goes unplumbed.

Additionally, “A recent Kaiser Permanente study found that within Kaiser’s system and nationally sepsis causes or contributes to half of all inpatient deaths. And although Kaiser doesn’t say so directly, many of those deaths occur at “top hospitals,” such as those on the U.S. News list.

A press release from Cedars-Sinai trumpeted the announcement. “While we always appreciate this type of national recognition, at Cedars-Sinai we are primarily focused on our patients, providing the highest quality, compassionate care in an efficient manner to each of them and to their families,” said Thomas M. Priselac, Cedars-Sinai’s president and CEO.

“We also remain focused on improving the health of people throughout Los Angeles through our hundreds of community benefit programs and increasing access for the underserved, as well as on our innovative biomedical research and education programs.”

The 12 Cedars-Sinai specialties ranked are: cancercardiology and heart surgerydiabetes and endocrinologyear, nose and throatgastroenterology and GI surgery, geriatrics, gynecologynephrologyneurology and neurosurgeryorthopedics,pulmonology, and urology.

Report rankings are based on patient safety, mortality rates and other factors, as well as reputation among a randomly selected group of physicians from across the nation.

5 Children’s Hospital Los Angeles 8 6