WeHo gets TWC Maxx ultra-fast Internet & better TV

April 22, 2014

By Ryan Gierach, West Hollywood, California

You may or may not have already noticed it, but if you’re a Time Warner client  your Internet navigation just got a whole lot faster.

wifisignYour cable television through Time Warner also provides state-of-the-art television services that, as Chairman and CEO Robert D. Marcus says, “set a high bar in our industry for differentiated exceptional customer service. We’re focused on providing the features and benefits that matter most to our customers.”

Realizing early on that West Hollywood contains perhaps the country’s densest congregation of creative artists, from the film and TV industry to music and writing literature, to playwrights thinkers.

According to Mr. Marcus, the very first cable that went down was in WeHo and Costa Mesa in California, and portions of Woodside (in Queens) and Staten Island in New York.

This new customer experience, currently dubbed “TWC Maxx” will have its own brand name at the time of launch later this year.

“With ‘TWC Maxx,’ we’re going to essentially reinvent the TWC experience market-by-market,” said Chairman and CEO Robert D. Marcus.

“We’ll triple Internet speeds for customers with our most popular tiers of service, add more community WiFi, dramatically improve the TV product and, perhaps most importantly, we’ll set a high bar in our industry for differentiated exceptional customer service.

timewarnercomcast“We’re focused on providing the features and benefits that matter most to our customers.”

Lofty goals, indeed, say cable company critics who recall too well past broken promises of improvement in customer service only to see the local branch office closed and phone trees blocking their communication with a real person.

Still, the cable company, which is trying to merge with Comcast – and which would inevitably result in increased rates because of the virtual monopoly they would enjoy – claims to be offering the highest level of stability available:

Their press release says, “As Time Warner Cable embraces new network performance standards companywide, the first phase of this initiative in NYC and L.A. will include a stringent review and upgrade of every network connection site (referred to as hubs) to ensure optimum service levels are delivered to every neighborhood.



“As each hub site upgrade is completed, TWC’s Internet customers in every tier of service served by those hubs will see substantial upload and download speed increases. Customers in the Standard and above tiers of Internet service will be guaranteed the latest generation modems including Advanced Wireless Gateways for Turbo to Ultimate tier customers.

They say that their Internet customers with the following current speeds will receive new download/upload speeds:

Customer level Current Mbps Speeds New Mbps Speeds
Everyday Low Price 2/1 3/1
Basic Customers 3/1 10/1
Standard Customers 15/1 50/5
Turbo Customers 20/2 100/10
Extreme Customers 30/5 200/20
Ultimate Customers 50/5 300/20

timewarnerad“Additionally, TWC will continue its expansion of free, unlimited use of public WiFi in both markets.

All Business Class customers and residential customers with Standard or above Internet service will get fast, reliable connections for all their wireless devices on the go.

A current coverage map of the TWC WiFi® network is available at http://www.twc.com/wifi

They also promise a new slate of next-generation video services including simplified navigation, more program information, a new On Demand portal and better search capability across its footprint, it will accelerate the rollout of new features to its TV customers in NYC and L.A.

Additionally, Time Warner Cable ultimately will increase its On Demand library of content to nearly 75,000 hours.

Later in 2014, customers in these markets will have the option to lease an advanced set-top box with the capacity to record up to 12 times more content, and the flexibility to watch and record programs on six different channels simultaneously.

“We’re introducing significant changes in how customers will enjoy and use our services, and we’re changing how we think about and conduct business inside Time Warner Cable,” said Dinni Jain, Chief Operating Officer. “We’ve listened closely to our customers and all of the changes we’re introducing are 100% based on their expectations and needs.”