Transformative weekend workshops for HIV/AIDS clients

June 19, 2014

By James Guay, West Hollywood, California – Ryan Gierach contributed to this item

Sunnie Rose has led The Life Group LA since LA Shanti's demise.

Sunnie Rose has led The Life Group LA since LA Shanti’s demise.

West Hollywood was one of the most impacted of cities during the AIDS crisis. Into the breach went hundreds of volunteers who offered emotional support for the afflicted, bereavement groups mostly at first, but after a decade or so the volunteer support system set into place began focusing on living with HIV/AIDS.

Countless people I have talked to (and, as one of those volunteers, I share this feeling), say that volunteering, giving just a little time, being a compassionate, non-judgmental presence, not only did the clients a world of good, but gave the volunteers something more than anyone could have handed them.

Sunnie Rose, the Executive Director of the The Life Group LA, talks about how providing weekend workshops for those affected/infected with HIV/AIDS helps participants live a fuller life in this video clip created by local therapist James Guay.