Even West Hollywood’s trees burst with Lavender Pride during June

June 16, 2014

Photo essay by Ryan Gierach, West Hollywood, California

Since the City of West Hollywood became a city, it has nurtured an urban forest comparable to the finest in the land.


While a dense city, so many trees and shrubs interspersed throughout the burg gives residents a comfortable feeling of the California indoors/outdoors lifestyle.


Of true note, besides the many blossoming urban gardens West Hollywood, are the trees placed and maintained by the city on its greenswards.



The most prominent of the trees are the flowering kind such as the brilliant yellow blossomed Tipuana Tipu.


By far though, the best symbolic representation of the City of West Hollywood exists in one of its most common trees, the Jacaranda.

jacaranda a1b

They may be common, but that is by choice. Decades ago it was decided that the City of West Hollywood would begin its urban forest at every intersection it could with four Jacarandas.


Soon, any time a tree had to come down due to age or disease, Jacarandas made the top choice and they began their climbs beyond the Boulevards.


Today, the lavender puddles of blooms carpet the gayest city on the earth, while the canopies overhead burst in Pride at the joy.


It seems so fitting…