Comatose man victim of gay bashing?

July 24, 2014

By Ryan Gierach, West Hollywood, California

A WeHo man who went missing for ten days only to be found in a hospital in a coma likely suffered an assault, say police.

Ramon Estrada, 37, disappeared on his way home from the Gold Coast in West Hollywood on July 7. He had called his partner just before the bar closed, at 1:45 am, to alert his partner to unlock their door, as he had forgotten the keys.

Ramon Estrada is in a hospital on a coma after a severe beating.

Ramon Estrada is in a hospital on a coma after a severe beating. photo from Mr. Estrada’s GoFundMe page.

For the next several days, family and friends searched for him, only to discover that he was in a coma at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

Police believe Mr. Estrada’s injuries—which include a broken shoulder, head trauma, pneumonia and heart issues—may have been caused by a beating. They could not say if it was a common robbery or a gay bashing, but have made a plea for witnesses.

He was found about 20 minutes after that 1:45 a.m. phone call spotted between parked cars on the corner of Mansfield Avenue and Santa Monica Boulevard with a severe head injury and broken shoulder.

LAPD reports that when Mr. Estrada was found, his fingers were too swollen to get a full print and he was not carrying and ID, so he remained in the ICU under the pseudonym “Trauma Echo.” His cell phone was also missing.

The partner, Michael Shutt,  and a friend have set up a a GoFundMe  to help fund his hospital bills. They report on that age that they talked to detectives on July 14 to check on the status of his missing persons report. Showing the detectives one of the flyers they had made, one of them recognized Mr. Estrada as the same unidentified man they’d found the night Estrada went missing.

The GoFundMe, which is raising funds for Estrada’s medical bills, has raised $4510 of its $15,000 goal.

LAPD and Mr. Shutt ask anyone with knowledge of this incident to come forward.